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As you may be aware it has been a very difficult year for Ben’s.

After 17 years we had to move out of our premises in Orange Street due the developer wanting to use it for a different purpose, a conversion to flats. We thought we had acquired new premises at the bottom of The Moor only to be told, at a very late stage, that the leaseholder would not approve of our occupying the premises.

It has taken a tremendous amount of hard work, some setbacks, and a lot of goodwill to be where we now are. We need to thank (building owner) who is now our landlord for all his understanding and support.

During the last year we have only been able to offer a limited service to our clients by providing a meal and shelter twice a week at The Duchess Road Community Centre and again we are grateful for the support they have given us. Whilst a lack of premises has limited our day to day operation it has given us the opportunity to undertake more outreach work on the streets of Sheffield and made contact with some new clients.

This last year has been especially difficult for the staff of Ben’s who at times have worked under the most difficult and stressful situations and it cannot be overstated just how grateful we should be to Sue Daryl and latterly Danny for what they have done in keeping Bens service going. Their commitment to the project has far exceeded what should have been expected of them.

Our volunteers have also contributed significantly in continuing to provide superb support.  Cooking meals and supporting the staff again often in trying conditions.

We now are looking forward to moving on and eventually providing a full service to our clients. We will still need a lot of support especially financially as fund raising becomes increasingly competitive especially for a small charity, and we make no apologies for asking for your continuing support

Finally and most important Bens need to thank so many people for the support both financially and in many other ways. It is because of them that Ben’s is still going, has been able to open these premises and will continue to grow. Special thanks are due to:

Banner cross Methodist Church


Sheffield City Council

Banner Cross Lunch club


Mark Pearson at IT Desk

Terry Kirkwood and members of the masons

Mr and Mrs Coates

Eric Hall

Sheffield DACT


Evan Cornish

(Sorry for anyone who we have missed from this list but we appreciate each and everyone of you!)



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