2 thoughts on “Trustees

  1. Hi, I’m the founder of & Author at FAD FC, as well as a Motivational Speaker..

    My work with FAD FC (Football’s Awareness of Depression Football Community)

    Not only do I provide support to Footballers experiencing Mental Health issues, but I campaign to make Mental Health First Aid compulsory within the FA coaching course syllabus as well as within Schools/Colleges.

    I launched the Equality & Inclusion Football Academy in June 2014 which now hosts 2 Mental Health Football Tournaments per year, as well as weekly Football sessions for the NHS mental health patients, and 2 Mental Health Football teams which play in a Sunday League.

    Full details of my work at

    As a Mental Health sufferer myself, which stems from losing my career 19 years, I spiralled into severe depression, so severe, I was self harming, burning myself, drinking, taking weekly over doses etc, I know only too well how it feels to be at such a low, that the only way is to either drink, take drugs and/or self harm in other ways.

    I’m contacting you to ask if possible, if FAD FC can work with you and your service users somehow? Maybe I can offer Football sessions, or you can use our NHS sessions etc..

    It would be great to meet with you, or join your Committee board? I’m currently working with Sheffield & Hallamshire FA’s Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG), I’m a member of the UK Mini Football Association’s Executive Board (UKMA).

    I would love to support the Ben’s Centre using Football which has shown to be used a therapy for Mental Health issues.

    If you wish to contact me, my details are 01143 481562 or 07880965609 or email

    Kind regards
    Caroline Stokes

  2. I’ve just been reeding the web site for ben’s centre and what a good job!Ben and Sue have done for street drinkers I have not been there for meny years as I did not no it was still open ..
    Mark Andrews . X member

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