Staff and Volunteers

Sue (Project Manager)

Sue is the Manager of our project, she brings a wealth of experience from 10 plus years in the Drug and Alcohol field. Since joining Bens in 2011 the project has gone from strength to strength, bringing a creative and dynamic approach to running the project Sue’s contribution to Bens goes far beyond her job description.

Daryl B

Daryl started in February 2012, he spent the previous 3 years working at The Greens. With a very varied work history and skill set he hopes to be starting some fresh, new, and creative projects at Ben’s. A musician, writer and avid beard grower Daryl also works as an outreach worker for Ben’s and can be found pounding the streets when not in the centre.


Our diligent book keeper. Lynne took the place of her son in our chaotic financial department! Unfazed by our ins and outs and our meagre budget Lynne keeps the numbers flowing while other staff are on the front line.


Loretta was born and still lives in Sheffield, she previously worked as a carer. She is an accomplished painter and photographer who enjoys meeting people and sharing their stories. Loretta also works on outreach braving the cold and bringing Ben’s to the streets.


Danny is an absolute work-horse and an another asset to Ben’s Centre, no job is too big and he always has the time and patience to spend with clients.


The newest member of the Bens staff team, Wil is popular with everyone, he has some great experience and is a real asset to the group. He is also funny as hell…


We have a small team of faithful volunteers who give of their time so selflessly:-


Our chef during the rocky times when Ben’s Centre was homeless, Lynne prevailed and kept the good ship afloat!


Vicky is a dab hand in the kitchen and also is rather handy with a pair of scissors! A qualified hairdresser with a heart of gold and a helpful attitude at all times.


Helen will do anything for anyone and we are all the better for her presence. She always has time to chat and will always make you feel better about things.


Our gentleman and scholar; Alan may be the most approachable man on earth, his tales can entertain and educate one and all and he is happy to share them. When Alan is not travelling the world he can be found every Friday at Ben’s.


Always has a smile and is a dab hand with a baking tin!



Another fine chef in our midst! Trudie volunteers during school holidays where she takes the helm in the kitchen!


One of the new recruits, Susannah has become one of the Legends of Bens in a very short space of time, she is wonderful in every way.


Jazmine is one of our admin wizards. She is able to make sense of even the most complicated of files-which makes her often the cleverest woman in the room.


Simon might be the most calm person you could ever meet, he is always willing to get stuck in, working hard whilst never breaking a sweat. Another one of Bens Super heroes.