Ben’s Logo

Using funding provided by the Big Lottery, Ben’s Centre developed this new logo towards the end of 2006, aiming to give our marketing and publicity a more professional image.

Why an Orange?

Not only did we relocate to Oranges Street in 2006 but…

The image of an orange we believe gives Ben’s Centre a fresh, clean and positive image to take us into the future.

An orange is a recognisable symbol for vitamins and the need to prioritise the bodies nutrition, which is particularly important with street drinkers. Street drinkers can develop serious health problems due to their long term alcoholism. This can lead not only to malnutrition but vitamin deficiencies such as Werniche-Korsakoff syndrome, which is a form of brain damage associated with alcohol misuse and the failure to absorb thiamine (vitamin B1). We provide our service users with access to free nutritious meals to help minimize this harm.

We intend that Ben’s Centre is a fruitful organisation.

The orange is a simple fruit made up of multiple segments:- in the same way we believe that it is in working in partnership together with our stakeholders, service users, funders, staff, volunteers and the City of Sheffield that we can accomplish our mission of creating a place of stability for Sheffield street drinkers.


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